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Original Title: Crystal Hawks

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi,Western,Adventure,Comedy












































Every bounty hunter in the land is tracking Brisco after he is wrongly accused of murder. On the run, Brisco himself is hot on the trail of John Bly and enlists the help of Crystal Hawks, a beautiful bounty hunter who is looking to cash in.
The return of Big Smith, a beautiful bounty hunter, John Bly and the usual mayhem you have come to expect with Brisco! Brisco has a bounty on his head for murder and every bounty hunter in the land is out to collect it. Looking for a quick getaway a beautiful lady offers to hide Brisco, turns out it is none other than Crystal Hawks (played by Sheena Easton). After escaping her, Brisco runs into John Bly, but gets foiled again by Crystal Hawks. Striking a deal with her they set off with Lord Bowler & Socrates Poole to find Big Smith before John Bly does. The trail leads them to a secret government location. Brisco meets up with Big Smith who tells him more secrets about the Orbs.
Brisco's wanted for murder, every gun-for-hire in the west comes calling and the show's sci-fi half takes center stage. 'Crystal Hawks' (the exceedingly attractive Sheena Easton), so named for the bounty hunter who manages to snag our hero sure isn't light on plot (nor tone with that surprise ending) and finally offers some answers as to what the orb is and does (or at least as much of an answer you can expect from a Carlton Cuse series). But all of this is really about Big Smith and the orb itself, and the attitude takes a turn for the eerie (there's a real "Raider of the Lost Ark" with that crate in the warehouse).

But that's not to say that Ms. Hawks is merely set dressing. Her beauty and toughness is an alluring combination. Brisco needs some stubbornness when Bowler's not around.



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